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Chicago's Tribute to Dokken


Hello rock-n-rollers and thank you for visiting our website. Unfortunately due to COVID there isn't much positive news to report. We've had many shows canceled and we aren't sure about the near-term future when it comes to gigging this winter. Clubs have been forced to cancel dates because of imposed rules and regulations putting every live music venue in a very tough position. We feel for club operators, their staff and support workers. Good news, luckily no one in the band has COVID. Plus, we do have a couple gigs coming up in January and February — we hope these stick. While we had some really GREAT outdoor and indoor gigs this past summer, Rokken Dokken is looking forward to getting back out there — play all kinds of material from the Dokken catalog, not just the hits or what you would expect. Stay safe and healthy everybody.
Rokken Dokken!!

Check back often for updates.

Rokken Dokken Rokken Dokken Rokken Dokken

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